Chapter Outline

It is a given in the business world. You need to plan ahead to avoid potential pitfalls that could doom your startup. Written by Thomas Greenbaum, You Can Do It; A Guide for Starting and Running A Small Business provides a full range of information that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Chapter  I
Should You Be An Entrepreneur?
Chapter  II
The Key Ingredient to Entrepreneurial Success - The Idea
Chapter  III
The Business Plan
Chapter  IV
Financing a New Business
Chapter  V
Legal Structure of Your Business
Chapter  VI
Legal Requirements When Organizing a Business
Chapter  VII
Organizational Structure
Chapter  VIII
Researching Your Business Marketing
Chapter  IX
Chapter  X
The Target Audience

Chapter  XI
The Wheel of Small Business Marketing
Chapter  XII
Key Business Strategies
Chapter  XIII
Chapter  XIV
Brand Identification
Chapter  XV
The Elevator Speech
Chapter  XVI
Chapter  XVII
Developing a Trifold Brochure
Chapter  XVIII
Social Media
Chapter  XIX
Promotion for Small Business
Chapter  XX
Key Insights into More Effective Advertising

Chapter  XXI
Chapter  XXII
Public Relations
Chapter  XXIII
Brief Advertising & Promotion Legal Advice
Chapter  XXIV
Financial Statements
Chapter  XXV
Managing Day-to-Day Financial Operations
Chapter XXVI
The Website & URL
Chapter  XXVII
The Emerging New Media QR Codes & Skype
Chapter  XXVIII
Human Relations
Chapter  XXIX
Business Insurance
Chapter  XXX
Summary - The Keys to Success in a Small Business

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